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AJ The Confectionist

Confectionery Wales

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Fudge, Brownies, Welsh Cakes, Peanut Brittle, Vegan.

AJ The Confectionist Motto

"Look after the food, and the food will always look after you" - My Mother.

We harness the power of our storytelling by imagination, spirits, and palates, through our delicious creations.

We are trying to inspire everyone to interact with the world in a more loving way by tasting our handmade bespoke craftsmanship. We seek to create harmony, creativity, and inspiration through the exploration of the alchemic balance between the soul that seeks happiness and the spirit that wants to rule the world.

We have made it part of our mission to use only superior sourced ingredients as an acknowledgment of nature’s secret and potent bounty that we have the honour and responsibility to reveal.

By combining it with indigenous, energetic plants, We are able to communicate a sense of place, terroir, or earth as the grounding home that connects the soul of the story to the people with who it originates.