About AJ The Confectionist

Confectionery Wales 

10 years history in professional kitchens. Having worked at high standards around the UK I decided to put that in to my own business and build the quality that we produce at the moment, currently working along side my mother for a family business and she has 30 years in professional kitchens.

Specializing in

Fudge, Brownies, Welsh Cakes, Peanut Brittle, Vegan.

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About AJ The Confectionist, Confectionery Wales.

Like every great love story, our love story starts in the heart of Wales.

AJ The Confectionist, are Leading Confectioners in Wales. The founder Anthony Johnson has created some of his renowned creations after studying new techniques in the art of candy making.

AJ The Confectionist has become recognized for its handmade luxury confectionery. AJ The Confectionist has some of the most well-known customers from around the world.

We can say that we can fly our confectionery flag high, we dare to be different and have created a unique twist on our creations. Each creation is developed in our secret test kitchen and approved after several revisions, tests and tweaks.

Our flavours and ideas are unique and exciting and all products are made in small batches and crafted with care.

Several of the bespoke confectionery items we make are one-time batches that may take 4 days to create.

But you will agree it is worth the wait.